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21 de maio de 2024

Otimizando a cadeia de suprimentos farmacêuticos: salvando vidas e reduzindo custos

Effective control and service of medical products within the pharmaceutical supply chain are essential for both patient well-being and the success of global healthcare. With the increasing complexity of medicines and advancements in technology, supply chain providers must refine their lanes to achieve optimal operational excellence.

Cutting-edge technologies, such as real-time shipment tracking and data analytics, offer stakeholders a comprehensive view of the entire shipment journey. This enables the early identification and resolution of potential bottlenecks, ensuring a resilient and responsive supply chain. Such an approach safeguards time- and temperature-sensitive shipments, delivering on the promise of life-saving treatments.

In this article, Marken expert Albert McEvoy, Senior Director of North American Logistics, delves into the critical importance and value of a proactive, data-driven approach when navigating this complex environment and highlights how Marken experts are developing innovative strategies to adapt to these methodologies.

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